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There's Toxins In Toilet Paper? Yep!

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Yeah we're going to talk toilet paper! Why? Because there are many different chemicals lurking in this product that we use every single day. And if you're thinking, how bad can it be? Here's some things you might want to think about.

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So you're doing good. You're eating more organic food, avoiding pesticides, eating less processed foods. Good job, I'm proud of you! If that's not you yet, let's talk! But first, let's talk toilet paper.

According to, you read that right: "Toilet paper and other commercial paper products such as coffee filters, milk cartons, and baby wipes are produced with more than 100,000 different chemicals. The most hazardous of these is chlorine, and they are absorbed through the skin where they enter the bloodstream and can, over time and with constant use, lead to us getting sick."

Those chemicals include Glyphosate, the most common herbicide used in the United States. Glophosate is the active ingredient in herbicides like Roundup. Yes, there's Roundup in your toilet paper! That's not to mention Formaldehyde, PFA's, BPA, bleaching agents and a host of other chemicals combine to form this chemical cocktail of known carcinogens. Add to that the chemicals in many other everyday products that contain the chemicals and the exposure levels only increase.

The Environmental Working Group EWG also cited the recent CDC study which revealed that "About 87 percent of 650 children tested had detectable levels of the ubiquitous and toxic herbicide glyphosate in their urine, according to a new analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

There's the bad news. Here's what you can do about it.

Should we stop making products with this stuff in it? Absolutely! But the quickest path to health is a simple one. It's all about making healthier choices and it starts with one.

Alternatives to toilet paper

There are cleaner alternatives to toilet paper such as BPA free toilet paper and chlorine free toilet paper, but that leaves a host of other chemicals still in the mix. The safest alternatives are cloth toilet paper or a bidet. Cloth toilet paper is softer, healthier and cost saving since it is re-usable.

If you are ready to make steps towards a less toxic life, ditching the toilet paper for a safer alternative is a good first step. Next time you run out of toilet paper, go for a safer, cleaner option. Not only will you reduce the amount of toxins you are exposed to, you'll reduce the risk of cancers, birth defects and other conditions simply by making a healthier choice. If you're already suffering from chemical sensitivity, switching to a non-paper alternative can help reduce your exposure to chemicals.

Struggling with symptoms you don't know how to fix? Have chemical sensitivites or MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and not getting any better? Find out what you can do today to start feeling better. To learn more, sign up for a FREE Coaching Session via the button below. Your journey to better health starts here!



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