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Meet Valerie

Speaker, Spiritual Growth & Health Coach


Hi, I'm Valerie and I am so glad you are here! From faith to health, I have overcome many challenges in my life and through those experiences, I have found a life that I truly love. My hope is that as I share my story, you will find joy excitement and healing in your journey. I am here to share my story with you through a different kind of conversation around God, faith, health and wholeness. So what is my story? I'm so glad you asked...

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Benefits of coaching with Valerie

What makes coaching with me unique?



I am passionate about living for God and having fun doing it! Life can get messy, but I see the beauty in the mess and the joy in healing. Serving for over 17 years as a Bible scholar and speaker with a background as a Nurse, I have extensive experience coaching in faith and spiritual growth, as well as health, which means I look at the whole person, enabling you to achieve your spiritual, life and health goals and have fun in the process! I have a Master of Divinity, a MATS in Bible and Theology and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I am also a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach trained in Natural and Holistic Health.

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Detox is more than a self-care fad, it is essential for everyone in modern life. In addition to my Certification as a Health Coach, I also have advanced certification in Detox through IIN. I know what it's like to live with severe toxicity and I have experienced the wonderful freedom that comes from getting your life back when you finally heal! I foucus on the health of each body system as well as areas of your life that you might not immediately think of when it comes to toxins. Detox isn't just about removing toxins, it's about adding in the right things and optimizing your systems so that you get healthy and stay healthy.

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Changing your energy can literally change your life. I combine different energy exercises to help you get healthy and reach your goals faster than through nutritional and lifestyle support alone. You will gain more energy in a fun and easy way that you can practice every single day. Changing your energy will help you heal and support your progress moving forward. That is what sustainable health is all about, taking you from disease or dysfunction and building a solid foundation for sustainable health. Whether you are struggling with specific health concerns or just want to feel your best, improving your energy can change your life!


Did you know certain nutrient deficiencies can affect your ability to heal and detox? The right supplements can set you up for the greatest amount of success in your health journey. From sleep, to concentration to stress and everything in-between, the right nutrients can accelerate your healing and support you physically for the positive changes you implement in other areas of your life. As a client of The Whole Life Journey, you get access to high quality supplements through Fullscript to help you get healthier faster. Clients of The Whole Life Journey receive a 10% discount on all supplement orders.

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November 21, 2019

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