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Authentic Faith

Authentic Faith

I wanted to create a different kind of conversation around God, faith and the Bible and it all began with a single question. What is authentic faith? That one question started me on a journey into discovering who God really is, what authentic faith can look like and and who I am. This is my story of how I found my authentic faith and I hope it inspires you to find yours. Faith is the most real when It is personal, substantial, deeply held, dauntless and enduring. And there is a way we can discover not only who God is, but who we truly are.

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My Story.

One of my favorite quotes is by Thomas Paine who said, "What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly." Paine was writing about freedom, but his words reflect something powerful about belief. The way in which we obtain our belief has tremendous importance to the value of that belief. If we come by it easily, without much or any effort on our part, it is received passively and taken for granted, it has little value. If on the other hand, we endeavor to discover what we believe and why we believe it, and we do that for ourselves, our belief has great value, because it is something we obtained on our own.

The same is true of faith. I grew up in religion. I believed in the God of the Bible because of what others told me. It is what I knew. It was the way my parents believed as well as most of my friends. I believed in God, but my beliefs were passively received and built on someone else's foundation. Parents, pastors, teachers, friends told me what they believed and because I loved and trusted them, they became my own. 

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